Do you own a luxury brand? Do you have a website or blog? Then you can use the hottest celebrities to draw publicity through luxury brand PR for beauty services. Believe me it works every time.

Heidi Montag’s highly publicized plastic surgeries are the biggest Buzz for beauty PR right now. This is a perfect time for plastic surgeons and anyone focusing on beauty PR to receive free publicity. All you need to do is talk about Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery. Plus don’t forget to toot the horn some about your beauty services. There you have it free publicity.

Get Heidi Montag Hot Fashion Style (Fashion PR)

Look Like Heidi Montag with a Custom Makeover (Beauty PR)

Heidi Montag Spa Experience Get Celebrity Treatment (Spa PR)

Follow celebrities that are hot news in the moment. Add in a little about what you do and relate it to what celebrities like etc.

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