If you start out as a brand that is cheap, inexpensive and affordable can you really make the move to high-end luxury? I am not sure but I like the concept and admire the approach that Shanghai Watch Co. wants to make. In fact, it is one smart PR move.
Luxury is a perception and brand awareness is an important element to how that perception is perceived. Shanghai Watch Co. is considered a Chinese outsider taking on the high-end luxury watch market dominated by European brands such as Piaget, Rolex and Audemars Piguet. Plus it does not help that Shanghai Watch Co. started out as an inexpensive watch maker now moving to brand diamond-encrusted timepiece valued at about US$100,000.
I hope that Shanghai Watch can actually pull this off. However, they will need to strengthen their brand awareness to show credibility. This will be the only way that they can ever be received in the high-end luxury market.

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