I think that the biggest mistakes marketers make is launching advertising campaigns just to reach a wide audience. What happens is you get no return on your investment and have no way to really measure your return. I ran across an excellent post by Caroline McCarthy published on cnet news, called “Facebook’s new ads: Advertisers, approach with caution.”

Facebook unveiled a new experimental advertising technology last week, “engagement ads”. Under this new program members of Facebook can leave comments on participating ads, add the brands to their list of “fan pages,” and use them to send friends virtual gifts.
McCarthy, stresses that “A new company or a brand that’s not a household name will have a tough time jumping into the mix, but so will established companies that don’t necessarily have public opinion on their side.”
I feel that public relations are so important to every brand, new or established. You must communicate with your target audience and make sure that you are delivering a direct message that will reach your target audience. I am not saying that engagement ads will not work. However, you must consider factors like targets, brand recognition, brand perception, and deliver methods.
Make a buzz first and then go engage!

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