The fact still remains clear; Oprah Winfrey made a personal choice and supported her personal decision. I recently ran across a blog post by Emily Giske, titled “Oprah I Forgive You” and I had to ask myself why is she telling Oprah that she forgives her? Is she expecting Oprah to ask for her forgiveness, too? Because at this point in the game I truly don’t think that Oprah cares if white women are still angry with her for supporting Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

My point of view is that this article post subject matter and content almost implies that Oprah did something wrong by not supporting the choice to support Hillary Clinton for President. Oprah has cited during this entire campaign that when it comes to Barack Obama “He is my personal choice.” For that reason Oprah can be proud of her position as well as her decision.
Oprah needs no forgiveness and none should be equally expected in return. Please stop bashing Oprah for only doing what ever American has a right to do in this election, make a personal choice.
Should Oprah have used her media platform? That is what it is there for; she believes that Obama will bring change to a hurting economy. Oprah is committed to helping enhance the lives of people and her choice was to provide information about a candidate that she strongly believes in.

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