If you were a “Billionaire” today what would you buy? Well, in the luxury sector a demand to produce high quality superior goods is heating up. Which is why MosnarCommunications.com is honored ARMARADA contacted us to introduce “the most wanted” luxurious mobile bar on the planet. The Eusphyra bar is not for the masses and is exclusively targeted for the ultra wealthy such as billionaires or soon to be billionaires.


Not just anyone can purchase the Eusphyra bar which will be offered as a limited edition. Created by ARMARADA architects a Romanian design team of highly sought after experts. ARMARADA is born between the fusion of art and technology.


Eusphyra Story 

The winghead shark “Eusphyra blochii “ is a species  of hammerhead shark, and part of the family Sphyrnidae. Reaching a length of 1.9 m (6.2 ft), this small shark has a slender body with a tall, sickle-shaped first dorsal fin. Its name comes from its exceptionally large “hammer”, or cephalofoil, which can be as wide as half of the shark’s total length!
Eusphyra is a luxurious mobile bar, designed by Alex Sandulescu . A bar that can be installed in various locations at different private parties . It is divided in several modules , connected through invisible joints. It can also function as a reception or as an exhibition stand for beverages , being equipped with a speed rack , mini refrigerator and sink.
The bar incorporates a youthful & modern design , with lines inspired from the sharks body. The countertop is interactive, reacting to everything that touches it . It also integrates a display rack for drinks and a lighting system above the barman. 
There’s a secret about this bar that will make it the ultimate mobile bar for your party….


  • Alex Sandulescu is the founder & Lead Designer of ARMARADA Architects
  • Catalina Simion is the Creative Director
  • Dan Adrian Ionescu is the Visual Artist
  • Ionut Ovidiu Brinza is the Engineering Consultant
Office location: Bucharest, Romania http://www.armarada.com/ 

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