The next thing every investor should do right now is to diversify their portfolios when it comes to making smart investments. This is also why “Blockchain Domains on Zilliqa extensions” are all the buzz at this moment!

What’s hot to investors and in-demand is owning location “Blockchain Domains” as intangible assets that are digital and a match to real-world tangible luxury real estate locations.

“They show off the status of being super-rich to afford top keywords by locations or keyword phrases by locations.”’


It’s all about location status identification and of course image representation.


Where displaying social status with luxury goods or luxury brands, are all being replaced with digital assets representation.

“Are luxury beliefs driving the demand to own digital assets?”

Affluent individuals are obsessed with their custom “luxury beliefs” as an article in the New York Post explains privilege beliefs of the wealthy are the latest status symbol for rich Americans.

The article addresses “research indicates that respect and admiration from our peers are even more important than money for our sense of well-being.”

Revealing “upper-class Americans used to display their social status with luxury goods. Today, they do it with luxury beliefs.”

Shockingly, the article exposes “the upper classes have found a clever solution to this problem: luxury beliefs. These are ideas and opinions that confer status on the rich at very little cost while taking a toll on the lower class.”

NYC Super Rich


So if you purchasing a luxury property in Upper East Side, also known as the elite “UES” in NYC and considered for only the wealthy denizens. Owning luxury real estate property here is a fancy status display by having access to the finest restaurants and exclusive luxury shopping for top designer brands.


Owning a Blockchain Domain such as UpperEastSide.zil on Zilliqa’s extension shows off a luxury belief status symbol like also owning the entire “Madison Avenue” and ultra representation of being an extremely privileged New Yorker admired by peers in highest respect and regards.

For this reason, UpperEastSide.zil will be priced potentially in the millions as a “For Sale” value in the future.

This Blockchain Domain is available to lease or rent for receiving cryptocurrency payments. Which code allows acceptance of payments to be transferred to assigned crypto wallets and replaces having to use cryptocurrency addresses with luxury real estate locations!

“It’s as easy as sending Bitcoin to $UpperEastSide.zil !”

That’s not all Blockchain Domains on Zilliqa extensions can do. They are also extra super powerful, having the ability to produce censorship-resistant websites.

This Blockchain Domain is an asset that sits on top of a smart contract and can be pointed to a self-hosted server to display content. Enabling a 2-way solution functionality of a domain asset operated by the private key wallet holder and to create a censorship-resistant website.

UpperEastSide.zil Blockchain Domain is available for lease or rental.

For more information contact or call (404) 806-0548. 

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