Usually, even when an A-List celebrity can’t dance in the music world typically the celebrity will be able to sing really, really well…When it comes to branding these days “dancing” is something that sells and even goes viral faster. So when we learned that Stuart Weitzman was highlighting Gisele Bundchen as a dancer in their first ever television commercial. Our first thoughts were “stop” and “please, please don’t” we beg of you…

We want to address the fact that Gisele is amazing but she is not a dancer with sensational rhythmic moves. Simply put she can’t dance that well…. And worst they plan to have her do some of the electric slide which was created in 1976! Again, before it’s too late please don’t…

 Stuart Weitzman Gisele Is No Dancer

Stuart Weitzman Gisele Music Video MosnarCommunications Luxury

Among top celebrities Stuart Weitzman is the red carpet shoe of choice no question. However, making Gisele a dancing star to influence selling more shoes is a long stretch indeed.

Gisele Stuart Weitzman Luxury Brand MosnarCommunications

Luxury media outlets have been programmed to report that Gisele is ready to get her groove on which the full length commercial will appear during the 2015 MTV Music Awards on Sunday. A very judgmental crowd that never holds back and Twitter tweets that can be damaging to a luxury brand.

Is this commercial intended to attract an audience to buy the boots and shoes Gisele is planning to wear in the commercial? For sure, so if Stuart Weitzman really wanted to create a sensational dance video highlighting shoes @MattSteffanina Choreography by Matt Steffanina is the hottest guy in the business to work with.

These should have been the group of dancers to wear Stuart Weitzman’s shoes in a dance video…They already have a major pop culture following of over 27 million … Maybe Gisele could have appeared along side them doing some updated dance moves.

Now that’s a luxury branding campaign idea to sell more luxury shoes….

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