Jay Leno is pulling a funny PR move and it just may be his saving grace. However, media outlets have already counted him out. On Thursday night the media starting reporting that NBC was planning to put Leno’s 10 P.M. talk show on hiatus because of struggling ratings. Now we learn that Jay got PR skills!

What did Jay do? Well, he did what any funny man would do and made jokes about the show being canceled.

“As you may have heard, there’s a rumor floating around that we were canceled. … I heard it coming in this morning on the radio,” Leno said. “So far, nobody’s said anything to me, but if we did get canceled, it’d give us time to maybe do some traveling. In fact, I understand Fox is beautiful this time of year.”

The much needed publicity will surely draw some eyeballs to watch his show. After all Leno reminded us just how funny he really, really is. Funny PR can work even in bad press situations.

If Jay Leno’s show is canceled he can

A. Work for Bristol Palin’s PR firm
B. Launch his own PR firm like Bristol Palin
C. Manage PR for the Twitter page @WackoJackoPR

His options are limitless.

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