Essentially all Ad campaigns from luxury brands will need to express a luxury PR engaging story. While the top luxury brands often prefer celebrities, the celebrity brand engages to show attraction of the luxury brand.

The following luxury brands have managed to capture attention by adding product placement of a celebrity that tells a brand lifestyle story.

David & Victoria Beckham | Armani
Couple’s first shoot for the luxury company posing together

Scarlett Johansson | Moet & Chandon
Newly wed actress Scarlett Johansson, Johansson is elegantly airbrushed as she frolics with bottles of Moet & Chandon and accessories

Eva Mendes | Calvin Klein
Sexy Cuban-American actress Eva Mendes, showing off her amazingly curvy body

Emma Watson | Burberry
Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films and star of the new Burberry campaign, where she poses with British beaus in one of London’s most iconic areas

Common | Diesel | Only The Brave
Common’s song “The 6th Sense” embodies the essence of the man that wears Only the Brave

James Franco | Gucci | Gucci by Gucci
Gucci has tapped creative director David Lynch and multi-faceted actor James Franco for the video and ad campaign

Katie Holmes | Mui Mui
The old meets new concept is carried on in the new Miu Miu advertising campaign, where Katie Holmes continues the feel of a throwback to the past

Rihanna | Gucci | Unicef
Rihanna, musical performer extraordinaire, is the latest spokesperson for luxury giant Gucci’s “Tattoo Heart” campaign, which supports the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)

Sean Connery | Louis Vuitton
Although he handed in his resignation as the suave James Bond decades ago, Connery retains the signature suave look that made him an international sensation, making him perfect for the collection of Journeys videos for Louis Vuitton

Madonna | Louis Vuitton
For Louis Vuitton, Madonna appears in a smoky Paris 1940s-style bar as designer Marc Jacobs “vision of the quintessential Parisienne,” dressed in fishnet stockings, stunning shoes, and the latest Vuitton “it” bag

Marion Cotillard | Christian Dior
House of Dior presents its iconic luxury Lady Dior Handbags with Academy Award-winning French actress Marion Cotillard

Claudia Schiffer | Yves Saint Laurent
Claudia Schiffer has been announced as the new face of Yves Saint-Laurent as well as other luxury design houses

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