The journey into the world of champagne reaches its epitome of luxury with Collection 244 by Louis Roederer. From the moment the cork is popped, a symphony of elegance unfolds, leaving you immersed in a timeless masterpiece.

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Photo credit: Collection 244 by Louis Roederer featured via MC

Ten years in the making, Collection 244 is a testament to the foresight of the Cellar Master, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon. The vision to embrace climate change as an opportunity, crafting a blend from extra mature grapes, sets the stage for an exceptional experience.

As I uncorked this extraordinary creation, I was met with the promise of sustainable practices and respect for the terroir. The commitment to future vintages, while adapting to current conditions, is evident in every sip. The ethos of Louis Roederer shines through—a blend that is as bold and audacious as it is innovative.

The 2019 harvest, a year marked by record-breaking temperatures, births a blend of pure excellence. The wines from this vintage carry a dense freshness, a masterful balance, and an unmissable luscious character—the hallmark of the Collection.
Photo credit: Collection 244 by Louis Roederer featured via MC

With every pour, I was transported to the heart of the Champagne terroir. The careful selection of grapes from “La Rivière,” “La Montagne,” and “La Côte” Estates encapsulates the true essence of the land.

The crafting of Collection 244 is an art form. Comprising 54% of the 2019 harvest, this champagne is a symphony of taste and pleasure. The blend is an ode to bespoke vinification, with the Perpetual Reserve playing a significant role in providing a perfect balance and freshness.

What truly sets Collection 244 apart is its singularity. Aged for almost four years in the cellars, it embodies a plenitude that reflects the complexity and depth of the winemaking process. The return of the Meunier grape variety adds a delightful fruity caress, harmonizing with the structured Pinots noirs and Chardonnays.
Photo credit: Collection 244 by Louis Roederer featured via MC

Every sip of Collection 244 is an experience—an experience of luxury, elegance, and a journey into the heart of Louis Roederer’s dedication to the art of winemaking.
Photo credit: Collection 244 by Louis Roederer featured via MC

This champagne is a toast to a new era, a celebration of the exceptional, and a delight for the senses. Collection 244 is more than a blend; it’s a testament to the timeless allure of champagne. Cheers to Collection 244—truly, a masterpiece in every sense.

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