It’s the hotter than HOT dating scene  and no longer just a fad today. Older women dating younger guys is a dating sensation for many reasons. How does one go about getting into the dating app business or even discovering a niche such as cougar dating ?

For certain dating apps are a fast track trend worth billions of dollars. The sector of cougar dating is a high target niche with lots of growth potential. Which is why ranks among the fastest growing dating sites in this exclusive niche.

Cougar Dates Online App

Cougar Dates Online App Empire

When it comes to this niche dating scene the Cougar Dates Online App is a standout superstar on the App Store and Google Play. Whereas most app developers and app publishers report getting discovered among the mass competition is a major problem. This is simply not the case for Cougar Dates Online App who does not even advertise and still ranks well among the competition.

Chase Reynolds knows a lot about the online and mobile dating industry. He is also responsible for overseeing their primary website as well as Cougar Dates Online App and an UK version on Apple’s App Store and iTunes. The Cougar Dates Online App and UK version on Google Play and Cougar Dates Online App on Amazon’s App Store. Additionally, The Cougar a digital magazine app on Apple’s Newsstand ranked among the Top Grossing in Women’s Interest.

Overall through their platforms, app users and online memberships Reynolds reveals connects to over 1 billion people interested in the niche of cougar dating. Further revealing that the Cougar Dates Online App net worth evaluation might shock many in the mobile industry. However, their investors are not ready to make this information public just yet.

Until now Reynolds says they have been flying below the radar because they don’t even advertise. He says the biggest growth was first driven by being on Apple’s App Store and iTunes. After entering Google Play in late summer of 2014 already they have as many users as Cougar Life and Cougarville the leading competitors. Which Google Play ranks their installs from 10,000 – 50,000 and Cougar Dates Online App has also reached these many installs in a short amount of time on Google Play.

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