Believe it or not but knockoffs (copycats) are no longer the biggest problem in the luxury market. A new bigger problem exists today and most luxury brands don’t even have a clue to what’s going on. Today in order for luxury brands to survive the recession the most important subject matter will be sustainability.

Seemingly crazy, but luxury brands will need to start thinking like nonprofits if they want to stay around. Those brands that focus on profits over substance will fade. Which we are already starting to see luxury brands, especially young and new luxury brands dropping like flies.

So what is hurting luxury brands the most? Those bland, same old FAKE press releases! In other words advertising copy dressed up as a press release. Let’s get real because we all know that advertising sales for newspapers and magazines are down everywhere. PR is how you communicate with the public, your target audience. The media outlets that are used say much about a luxury brand and targeted awareness. The wrong exposure can send the wrong message and viewpoints.

I announced in a blog post on just yesterday how the recession has made luxury PR alternatives available (now a more equal playing field). LOL, those that call themselves luxury PR industry leaders actually thought that I meant that WE (my luxury PR firm) wanted to be like them. Even worst that we were promoting that we were just like them! Never, in a million years! Alternative means different, fresh and yes something new. Actually, many things I have been accursed of but those who know me know I am ultimately unique. This is a trademark that has made my business concepts standout and balances my entrepreneur successful 12 year track record.

It is ideal to “seek first to understand and then to be understood!”

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