Google Trusted Store badge is the pinnacle of acceptance when it comes to luxury online shopping. A luxury brand wanting to attract more digital luxury shoppers, must focus on creating an influential online reputation faster.

The perfect solution to achieve this is with having a Google Trusted Store badge to build an online reputation of trust! 

 Google Trusted Store

mytheresa-com-is-a-very-popular-google-trusted-store-logo-mosnar-communications is a very popular Google Trusted Store online website and is also one of our favorites at! 

mytheresa-com-is-a-very-popular-google-trusted-store-2-mosnar-communications is one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion. The success story began in 2006 as a small online shop associated with the multi-brand store THERESA., which has been the pillar of style, quality and luxury fashion competence in Munich for more than 25 years. Today, over 300 employees work together to create an unforgettable online shopping experience. What makes so unique? A one-of-a-kind selection of products from 180 of the most important designer collections, outstanding customer service, as well as fast and reliable delivery to more than 120 countries all over the world.


The beauty is you can shop at 24/7 and your order will be delivered within 72 hours – to over 120 countries worldwide. 

By join the Google Trusted Store program a luxury brand can offer luxury shoppers an excellent online shopping experience.

How-to setup and get started in the Google Trusted Store program:

Why should you join?

Being a Google Trusted Store reassures shoppers that you’ll provide a great customer experience. And it’s entirely free!

As a member a luxury brand can build an online reputation from their happy customers.

Have happy customers? Share what they have to say about your highly rated shopping experience. The reviews that Google collect through Trusted Stores can qualify you to display seller ratings on Google AdWords and Google Shopping.

Benefits of joining Google Trusted Store program: 

  • Help win over searching shoppers on Google. Use review extensions to showcase your Google Trusted Store status on AdWords, which can boost click through rates. On Google Shopping, the Trusted Stores badge lets shoppers know you’re a safe and reliable place to shop.
  • Through Trusted Stores, your customers can get free purchase protection from Google for up to $1,000* if they opt in after checking out on your website.
  • Displaying the Trusted Stores badge on your site can encourage more people to buy from you — and to spend more when they do.

Hurry, join the Google Trusted Store program for your luxury brand today. 

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