In the words of CoCo Chanel, “a girl should be two things classy and fabulous”. She was born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, on August 19th, 1883. Her vision for French fashion and creation of the Chanel luxury brand lives on today. While Chanel actually died on January 10th , 1971 her rules for what represents a luxury brand persona is vastly followed still today.

If you want to create a luxury brand persona, first you have to set standards for how you want to be perceived. Let me clarify that a luxury brand persona can be identified as a brand, person, product, or service. What makes an sustainable luxury brand persona is the ability to influence and engage a niche audience. CoCo Chanel created Chanel No. 5 which would become her iconic signature scent. This product gave Chanel credibility in the luxury marketplace that has made the brand sustainability for brand recognition worldwide.

Chanel Spring Summer 2014

Photo credit CHANEL

The elements to create a luxury brand persona must include brand awareness. Luxury brands must be concerned with both business and social persona exposure. Today your brand reputation is deeply attached to your brand’s value. Which is the main reason why luxury brands must seek to protect their brand identity as a survival strategy to sustain in the future. Without credibility even if exclusive the value of a luxury brand persona can not be positioned in the marketplace.

Every luxury brand must add a history story to their identity credibility. For Chanel her creativity is associated to the Camellia flower, extravagant jewelry collections, The Chanel Bag, The Chanel Suit, and the little black dress. Not only is Chanel connected to extravagant jewelry collections she is also known for crossover influence for wearing costume jewelry as accessories.

CoCo Chanel

Pictured CoCo Chanel

Emerging luxury brands don’t have to lack heritage. They simply need to create a luxury brand persona and promote to a desired target audience to enhance brand awareness. Telling a luxury brand story is the best way to highlight heritage innovation for a luxury brand persona.

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