A sex scandal and Tiger Woods less than one month ago would have been unthinkable. The power of Woods’ brand influence has spotlighted him as ultimately the most sustainable branding machine in the entire universe.

So how can Woods brand influence be salvaged after the numerous recent alleged sex scandals? First thing you must consider is that all is not lost and Tiger Woods Brand can be repaired with the right PR (public relations) methodology. The formula of persuasion is what Woods needs to encourage popularity of his brand.

Paying off alleged mistresses and hiring private detectives to discredit alleged mistresses is not going to revive Tiger’s brand influence. Certainly leaving the country is NOT going to help.

Tiger Woods needs to incorporate the Formula of Persuasion in his PR campaign:

Identity Tiger’s Biggest Problem – Why fans and consumers are most upset with him.

Provide a Unique Benefit or Promise – What can Tiger do to win the trust of fans and consumers? He really does need to do more than request privacy. Tiger needs to make a statement and keep his promise to fans and consumers.

Facts and Proof – Demonstrate to fans and consumers that Tiger is stable! Is he going to counseling, martial counseling, etc? What activities, services, engagements, etc can he do to SHOW that he is trying to be a better person?

Risks – Let fans and consumers know that for Tiger this is more than about money. He has a true fear of loss of his branding image and influence. So Tiger needs to keep his promise to fans and consumers in order to gain and keep their trust.

Fear of Loss – Tiger Woods Brand must make fans and consumers remember why they love his brand. How this life changing event is also a learning lesson and how he needs their support to be a better person. Without the support of fans and consumers Tiger Woods Brand will die.

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