If we believe all the media hype over Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses, it would be easy to consider that Woods was likely a virgin before his marriage to Elin Nordegren. After all we never heard about his wild fantasy obsessive sexual behavior before marriage.

Without question the story continues to grow day by day with new alleged mistresses being added to the mix every day! The newest alleged mistress and the many more expected to follow now puts the Tiger Woods Brand in present danger. The wholesome family guy image that Woods once held is possibly gone forever? However, the new picture being painted in the media of Tiger as a sex crazed addict that can’t go to a restaurant without also ordering a waitress or two to take home with his meal is the most damaging.

True the sponsors supported Tiger with possibly one or two mistresses but now that he is a sex addict with so many mistresses he can’t even name them all according to the media. And what happens when the sexually transmitted disease advocates go after Tiger?

The one question that Tiger’s sponsors must really want to know “Is Tiger Woods Still Marketable”?

What do you think; is Tiger Woods still marketable?


  1. furtive says:

    Tiger's next gig is for Trojan Grande, for the gentlemen who need no synthentic enhancement.

    Paging DR. OTTO KERNBERG…Tiger will be your permanent legacy!


  2. tmorgan says:

    Considering how he had a third party do the asking out for his first date with wife Elin, he probably was a virgin.

    His dad kept him on a tight leash all of his life.

    Married in 2004.
    First cheats in 2005 if allegations are true.
    Dad dies 2006.

    Seems like coming off Dad's leash & having sex were just too much freedom, too fast …

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