Add some mega buzz appeal and increase exposure for public relations campaigns fast.

Are your PR campaigns still getting maximum results? Do your products and services rule the media market? How effective are your PR campaigns at reaching target audiences? If you’re answers are negative then you could most likely use a dream PR makeover to get back on track.

The art of public relations is a practice just like any other discipline and practice makes perfect. Often times PR campaigns lose buzz appeal and need redirection to capture media audiences.

Here are five easy steps to designing a dream PR makeover:

Step 1. Distribute press or news releases that will get you the most publicity possible. Attach your releases to topics that are getting a lot of coverage in the media. Use fresh and innovative buzz lines to gather media attention. Do press or news releases around industry tradeshows. Since tradeshows usually get a lot of press, use that to your advantage and create free publicity.Pitch storylines to reporters that focus on industry topics related to your products or services. Again, attach you’re pitch to hot news topics. In some cases, create a hot topic that will bridge or add more insight to current news topics.

Step 2. Make your website fresh and inviting. Always update your website and incorporate cutting edge interactive tools. Adding a blog and video to your website can help enhance appearance. Consider how some interactive tools will affect the speed performance of your website when updating. Flash intro websites usually take longer to upload. Keep content informative when highlighting your products and services features and benefits. Do not clutter your website, make sure that your website is easy to access and navigate.

Remember your website is a sales engine that is working for you 24/7! Failure to update your website can result in potential loss of new clients.

Step 3. Write articles to increase brand awareness for your products or services. Submit articles to industry publications that are loaded with free advice and tips to ensure publication. This will increase free publicity for products or services.Increase you’re articles and press releases visibility online with sites like digg and Attracting more attention and free publicity.

Step 4. Make your customers promoters for hire. Launch referral rewards programs that give rewards for referring other customers. People generally recommend products or services to friends and family. Customers who use your products or services do because they are pleased and will be happy to refer them to receive rewards.

Step 5. Make guest appearances on blogs and answer questions in detail tracking readers back to your website. Focus on blogs that relate to your industry and give answers that show you are an expert. Commenting in popular blogs can really produce a lot of creditability and open the doors to new opportunities.

Don’t get discouraged should your PR campaign need a dream PR makeover. Following these five easy tips will put you on the right track in no time at all. Remember practice makes perfect so keep at it!

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