“Give your PR campaigns an advantage to target 1.8 billion consumers through mobile communications”.

If you have not yet considered incorporating telecommunications in your PR campaigns, maybe you should think again. While the Internet made PR campaigns more interactive. The mobile phone has the potential to make PR campaigns more direct. Mobile websites and text messaging is an excellent tool to make PR campaigns more direct.

Incorporating telecommunications in PR campaigns can tremendously increase brand awareness. Targeting consumers through mobile phones is a potential to reach 1.8 billion people. Looking ahead into the future, mobile communications will be a vital resource for PR campaigns.

Those individuals who learn how-to implement public relations practices that add value to their PR campaigns will be well prepared. Mobile communications among PR campaigns is still somewhat in infancy stages in comparison to Internet communications. However, the timing is clever to incorporate mobile communications strategies for PR campaigns.

How to implement mobile communications in PR campaigns:

1. Go .MOBI – Purchase a .mobi domain name and create a mobile website to launch your mobile PR campaigns.

MosnarNic (http://www.mosnarnic.com/) has resources to create mobile websites, mobile blogs and mobile communications tools for PR campaigns.

2. Go Mobile Communications – Communicate through text messaging via mobile communications. You can send text messages from Internet email.

3. Go Mobile Database – Include market research with data on mobile communications. When targeting audiences make sure to include mobile phone carriers and contact numbers.

4. Go Mobile Promotions –Promote PR campaigns through mobile phones. Directly track back mobile communications from mobile phone responses.

5. Go Mobile Blogging – Launch a mobile website blog. Directly interact via your mobile website blog.

6. Go Mobile Surveys – Conduct surveys via mobile communications. Utilize mobile websites, mobile blogs, and mobile texting.

The future of mobile communications for PR campaigns is looking very bright. Today the worldwide mobile data market is worth 100 billion dollars and by 2015 the mobile content market is predicted to be worth $1 trillion dollars. Mobile websites offer an opportunity to reach 1.8 billion consumers through mobile phones. Targeting this market is setup to be the largest circulation to reach consumers in the world. Go Mobile!

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