Stop focusing on selling luxury goods to those who “can’t afford” to buy what you have to offer. That’s the biggest problem for the majority of luxury brands that I often encounter who enlist my consulting services for luxury PR media enhancement. If a luxury PR firm is only qualifying impressions by counts (likes, fans, hits, etc) over focusing on the bottom line to generate revenue there is a really big disconnect.

Luxury branding should tell innovative stories so well that the product sells out or becomes scarce because of the limited supply for demand. To do this it takes a strategic plan and approach for communicating with a qualified desired target audience to educate and inform. Gaining credibility for influential brand awareness and emotional connection to crave luxury goods. A creative approach for utilizing luxury PR media to sell more luxury goods effectively.

Luxury Holiday Gift Guide Public Relations MosnarCommunications

A holiday gift guide should be the single most defining solution for luxury brands to double or even triple revenue for the year. However, the major dilemma is that typically luxury brands don’t understand how-to design story telling for luxury goods when it comes to holiday gift guide promotions. Placement for holiday gift guides can be created by the luxury brand or curated. The potential to sell enormous luxury goods from this marketing phenomenon is tremendously  underestimated especially among online and mobile friendly platforms.

Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guide Public Relations MosnarCommunications

These are some the best strategies we use at MC when designing superior holiday gift guides to sell enormous amounts of luxury goods.

#1 Outline Time Factor

Today, time is the most valuable asset to every consumer. Using this theory as our research focus we now have a pinnacle for how the campaign will be designed to connect with a specific target audience of wealthy consumers ready to buy.

#2 Analyze Brand Awareness

Always evaluate perception of the luxury brand in the marketplace. It is very important to measure if the luxury brand owns “engagement” for targeted keywords or should other factors be put in place to enhance luxury brand awareness.

#3 Get Started Early

Using the rules of search engine optimization attraction….Starting early on holiday gift guide promotions can increase search engine engagement traffic much faster. Promoting holiday gift guide content 45 days before Christmas can increase traffic by over 90% and one week before can drive a 50% increase in traffic.

#4 Go Mobile Friendly

Design holiday gift guide campaigns to target and attract luxury consumers with mobile friendly platforms. Last year 28% of holiday profits were influenced by mobile search results.

Holiday Gift Guides Public Relations MosnarCommunications 2

#5 Diversify Luxury Niches

Present gift guide niches that offer diverse options that are connected to luxury goods. Consider co-branding with other luxury brands to create superior holiday gift guides.

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