Those who have experienced divorce often understand that it can be a very hard and extremely painful situation. No matter how many times, one divorce, two or even more.
If you have ever built anything from the ground up and made it a major success there is even a greater stake involved. Often the reasons why in divorce situations people fight over children, usually valued as the most prized vested possessions.

While smart billionaire Elena Ambrosiadou and her brilliant husband Martin Coward, may not be fighting directly over children they are in dispute over their baby Ikos the European hedge-fund firm co-founded by the married couple.

Elena Ambrosiadou may be going through a public divorce with often at times public disputes. It is in no way effecting her smartness to control and handle the business matters of Ikos (meaning home).

The futures fund, which accounts for the bulk of the firm’s assets, is up about 16%, according to the firm. Ikos’s two other funds are up about 20% and 5.5%, and an inflow of new money from investors has lifted the asset level to $1.95 billion from $1.35 billion earlier in 2010.

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