Almost every luxury brand is concerned about Google’s recent announcement and for good reasons. Starting September 14, 2010 Google will allow brand name keywords to become available for sale to any legitimate advertiser.

What does this mean for luxury brands big and small? Certainly, one of the world’s most credible luxury brands LVMH behind the Louis Vuitton brand is not at all happy about Google’s decision. LVMH has actually been fighting Google in courts to prevent the resale of brand name keywords.

However, Google scored a big win in European Court and it was decided that Google could not be held liable for trademark infringement for selling trademarked brand names as actual search terms because Google would be only hosting the ads.

Again, what does this mean for luxury brands big and small? The most important factor here is luxury brand awareness. Luxury brands big and small will need to improve on building credibility to remain sustainable. Luxury PR efforts must be strategically planned and the approach used must engage to increase luxury brand awareness.

Luxury brands must learn how to monitor and control how their luxury brands are perceived online. This requires engagement over only pitching to sell something to target audiences online. Most luxury brands see the Internet as just sales and promotions. With Google allowing brand name keywords for sale every luxury brand must focus on building awareness and credibility.

The playing field for small luxury brands is officially leveled! Sky is the limit if used wisely.

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