I know you were thinking that Madonna held the title as the Queen of Pop and would keep it forever. However, in the new age of social media and web 2.0 times are changing. The sustainability of celebrity brands now depend on star power exposure and brand awareness. In others words, what are you doing NOW in real-time.
Beyonce is everywhere!!! So does this make her the new Queen of Pop? Well, one thing for certain from a branding message standpoint Beyonce is likely the biggest brand alive today. Her versatility to engage diverse audiences is what makes Beyonce such a mega star today. She appeals to high-end luxury to urban luxury and even to affordable luxury! Her marketing appeal is endless.
I think that it is safe to say the Beyonce is the new Queen of Pop. Remember celebrities are brands and the brand with the most exposure builds credibility. We all love Madonna but as they say out with the old and in with the new. NO! I am not talking age… But at some point all brands should expect their brand appeal to fall.
Madonna is the master at reinvention and therefore her brand will likely never ever die.

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