For you media savvy individuals like me, you may have noticed that making Google News in real-time is much harder. No seriously, it is very challenging to take over the top spot for a trending news story these days. Most importantly it is almost virtually impossible to make placement if you don’t report your story in real-time.
So what does this means?? Well, news is breaking and it must be in real-time. The days of skipping the weekends and covering a story on the weekdays are gone. If you got the goods you better start reporting in real-time. This also applies to press releases. Yep, press release announcements should follow real-time structure too. Make sure your press releases are real-time newsworthy to get the most exposure.  

Now, here is something that I have also noticed. Google is the one who decides what is real-time. Some real-time Google News headlines can be restored by Google only if they think the storyline is trending in real-time again.

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