Okay, we all know that Tiger Woods was in desperate need of a celebrity image makeover. You know the kind that demands top notch image rebranding. Selling Tiger Woods is still not a hard job because people still like him even after his fall from grace. Even if some fans are shamed to admit it because of the bad publicity. Woods is still very marketable.
This new Tiger is something different a more personable Tiger. One that is surprisingly not as private but open, I guess they want is to believe that Tiger is open and honest? Good approach and smart strategic planning. The new Woods smiled on the course, waved to fans while practicing and took his time answering reporters’ questions.
Yep, we are still talking about Tiger Woods who would have never granted such an open invite into his private life or emotions. Wow, I think I really like this new Tiger. He is a more humble guy and what Woods needed was to be humbled by a higher being. After all man could have never stopped Tiger Woods!
Welcome back Tiger and hello to the new Tiger Woods. I really, really like this guy.

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