Okay, she is Oprah the Queen of Media a legend in her own right. Now we will see another side of Oprah Winfrey. Come January 2012, O will be hosting a night-time show on her new TV channel OWN. Will Oprah be as marketable at night-time?
The influence of Oprah is powerful and we can expect even greater success from Oprah in the night-time no matter what year it is. Trust me, this is O! What will be interesting is who Oprah will target as the audience for her night-time viewership. Likely, this audience will be unlike her daytime audiences. We can even expect to see a different side of Oprah and a personality that we may not have ever seen.
Wow, I can not wait to see O in the night-time!! Are you planning to tune in?


  1. Pip Hurd says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I was wanting to use the image of Oprah Winfrey with the article “Will Oprah Winfrey in the nightime be as marketable in 2012?” to use on an educational blog for Year 7 students on successful people. Could you please give me permission to use this picture?


    Philippa Hurd.

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