Some ideas just sound bad when you think about them. Like Tom Bergeron, Jeff Probst, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Ryan Seacrest ALL co-hosting The 60th Primetime Emmys. Needless to say, no one is reporting rave reviews for the strangers before asked to co-host the Emmys. However, all of the hosts were nominated for Best Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Show. Maybe that should have been their only appearances during the Emmys?

Heidi Klum (“Project Runway”), Tom Bergeron (“Dancing With the Stars”), Howie Mandel (“Deal or No Deal”), Jeff Probst (“Survivor”) and Ryan Seacrest (“American Idol”).
I guess it takes more than including a supermodel to make co-hosts look good! Ideally, there needed to be more chemistry and reality stars are NO actors! I repeat reality stars are NO Actors! The Emmys are known for having great co-hosts who are funny, entertaining, and yes, also great actors.
Even EW.Com was NOT impressed!
“No joke, by the time I turned off my set at 11:01 p.m., it wouldn’t have taken much to convince me that Seacrest had left the Nokia Theatre after the first 30 minutes of the show, only coming back long enough to find out he’d lost out to Probst in his division. (Seriously, has anyone ever seen the American Idol host so…muzzled?)”
Hit or miss? Sorry, this was a major miss. What do you think?

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