Michelle Obama has been compared to Jackie Kennedy Onassis; certainly this warrants that Americans see her as a person over a racial image? However, when convenient the Republican Party still views her as an angry black woman. You know mad about the racial injustice in this country and not being proud and all.

Mrs. Obama is a person and cares about the present conditions of America. The fact that she risks exposure to enter this race with her husband is such brave courage and a true hope for change. Why I plan to vote for Michelle Obama, I meant Barack Obama? I value what he stands for as a person first and truly hope for change encouraging a better tomorrow.

Is America ready for a black first lady? Why would America NOT be, in order to grow we must learn to move forward by traveling distances that engage in change. Don’t we ALL want a world for our children with no racism, hate, or injustice?
America please let us engage change.

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