Luxury is not for the masses and always exclusive, right? When it comes to high-end ultra luxury, exclusivity is what attracts those who can actually afford to make such purchases. However, high-end luxury brands are missing the mark to engage ultra wealthy consumers. While ultra wealthy consumers can afford to buy high-end luxury goods but really don’t have a demand desire to do so ….. No surprise accessible luxury brands are becoming hot ticket items today.

Michael Kors Spring 2014

Photo credits Michael Kors Spring 2014

Why is the emerging middle-class consumer the new “IT” target for accessible luxury brands? Well, for one many luxury brands stopped producing more merchandise with logos. While accessible luxury brands were able to attract middle-class shoppers through logos on merchandise. It became a sense of pride and demand to own an accessible luxury brand product. Not about the cost but the brand awareness demand. Even ultra wealthy consumers started to opt for this practice. All while high-end luxury brands missed this important logo brand awareness lesson.

Michael Kors Spring 2014 2

Then accessible luxury brands started to look a lot like high-end luxury brands. From a distance it is even hard to tell purses that are higher end from affordable luxury. Even investors went with buying into the demand for accessible luxury brands and high-end luxury brands sales continued to remain in a slump.

Michael Kors Spring 2014 3

Most importantly, all luxury brands should create ad campaigns that reflect lifestyle to engage desired target audiences. Sponsorship engagement of luxury content marketing will drive more brand awareness and credibility for the luxury brand. Additionally, sponsorship brand engagement for Apps is a growing sector for luxury brands.

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