A fashion PR problem, London Fashion Week might be a turning point to finally establish a standard protocol for which Bloggers are worthy to land front row attendance during fashion shows. The battle of the fashion elite publications vs. the fashion Bloggers has certainly gained tons of interest worldwide. 
So which Bloggers should really be sitting on front row at fashion shows? For London Fashion Week should there be a Press room and also a Blogger room? Not a bad idea at all, maybe the two mediums do need to be considered fashionably different.

When it comes to determining which Blogs actually hold the best exposure value there should be standard protocols. For one if a Blog has a niche focus of high-end luxury fashion but less traffic than another Blog that focuses on fashion discounting. It would be easy to determine that the niche blog reaching the direct desired audience would be the best fit for the fashion designer to receive exposure. Just because a Blog receives mass traffic does not qualify it as a media outlet to reach target audiences.


  1. Editor says:

    There should only be a separate blogger room to the press room if you believe bloggers are there to do something fundamentally different to the journalists.

    I say mix 'em up and let sparks fly 🙂

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