Okay, being Angelina Jolie is not easy especially because she is also considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. You can imagine if there is one tiny small wrinkle out of place the media will start talking. And that is what the big fuss is all about two protruding muscles where Angelina’s chin meets her neck.

Reports have it that this photo is not altered and show Jolie with the same protruding muscles attending the BAFTA awards in February 2009. UsMagazine.com wanted to find out what is going on with Angelina Jolie’s face. Which has also became the most buzzed Google topic.

According to UsMagazine.com they consulted with several plastic surgeons about Jolie’s face to find out what’s really going on.

Dr. Elie Levine has never treated Jolie says, that it appears she’s “received Botox to her face and likely her neck” because she shows “no wrinkles along the sides of her eyes (the crow’s feet) despite that very large smile… and her forehead is smooth.”

Dr. Gabriel Chiu believes Jolie may have had a “minimally invasive procedure” to lift and suspend “the tissues in her neck, jaw line and lower face.”

Dr. Brian Glatt concurs. “Angelina appears to have had a procedure done to tighten her lower face, neck, and jaw line such as a mini or lower facelift,” he says.

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