50 top models from Asia walked for the much-hyped Fendi show.

After weeks of drama, which included anti-fur protests and rumors of cancellation, the Fendi F/W fashion show went off relatively smoothly on Thursday.

The event was a PR extravaganza for both the luxury brand and the new, much-hyped Seoul landmark of Floating Island, where the event took place.

The show had previously been under threat of cancellation after animal-rights activists threatened

The Seoul government initially balked at the prospect of negative press for the unveiling of Floating Island, but allowed Fendi to proceed with the show after the brand agreed to showcase fewer fur products.

Actress Zhang Ziyi and Silvia Venturini Fendi, the label’s creative director were in attendance. Several local celebrities including Gu Hara and Han Go-Eun cancelled their appearances at the last minute. Karl Lagerfield, who designs for Fendi, was also not present.

The show itself was comprised of exquisitely-cut pieces that alternated between the tailored silhouette and billowing, swaying details. Highlights included delicate puffed sleeves made from sparkling, gossamer-like material.

True to its promise, Fendi cut back on the fur, and only sent a few key pieces down the runway.
Columns of neon light served as a dramatic backdrop, and traditional drummers heralded the walkway to the after party.

“We chose Floating Island because its unique location and symbolism reflects Fendi values of both tradition and modernity,” said Phillipe Fortunato, the Managing Director of Fendi Group. He went on to say that the show featured one-of-a-kind pieces that were specially created for the Seoul collection, which was the second major Asian event since the 2007 Great Wall show.

“It was a very fun show to walk in,” said supermodel Song Kyung Ah. “It was great to see friends I had worked with in New York.”

Many of the 50 top models, including Shu Fei and Sun Peipei, flew in from overseas.

The event was not without incident however, as one protester snuck in and screamed anti-fur sentiments as the show started. Security closed in on her immediately and she was removed rather promptly.

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