Do you know how to drive the media to talk about your brand? How about getting everyone on your media wish list to request guest appearances, want to interview you, write a feature story and more. The media is driven by storylines and learning how to attract media outlets can drive tons of FREE publicity exposure.

Kim Kardashian is certainly a PR pro when it comes to driving media attention. Well, yet again Kim has created a storyline about an everyday event and turned it into big news. Kim’s storyline this time is that she is eating a salad. Before you laugh Kim managed to get tons of major media outlets to want to cover her story! She made it a little sexy too; remember every story needs a spin.

So how do you create driven media news topics?

1. Be Newsworthy, In order to drive mass media to your storyline you will need to offer a spicy attraction for hot topics being covered in the media

2. Add Freshness, Present a storyline that will drive mass media attention that would be of interest to target audiences

3. Blog Promotions, Drive mass media attention by informing audiences through a blog post (What I am doing now)

4. Pitch News, Target media outlets that would be an ideal fit to cover your storyline and pitch your story to them!

5. Digital Promotions, Use Internet marketing, press release wires, social media networks (Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc) to promote your storyline.

The objective is to create buzz and excitement to drive the media to you! Create some driven media.

Kim makes a salad sexy, now that’s hot news!

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