Did your luxury brand product or services make it on the red carpet or in the luxury gifting suites at the Oscars this year? If so you can still make good on your return of publicity exposure from the 2011 Academy Awards.

Here is a quick rundown of how to achieve massive exposure and turn it into credibility influence from product placement at the Oscars. Before you put away all the extraordinary moments from landing product placement or gifting a  celebrity attending the Oscars this year.

Actually, this year was the official kill of the luxury gift bags. Sad but true luxury gift bags were dead for the Oscars and luxury suites HOT. Leave us to wonder are luxury goody bags over forever? Maybe for now.

Five Ways To Recreate Life After Oscars 2011 PR Buzz:

1. Celebrity Repeats – Make sure that celebrities continue to buzz about products and services especially after the Oscars. The purpose is to have celebrities educate fans, friends, and followers using social media and online platforms to influence brand awareness.

2. Reality Engagement – Behind the scenes play by play approach to making it on the red carpet and strategies for celebrity gifting suites. Reveal theme designs, special invitation lists, and exclusive gifting. Make a point to  identify target celebrity gifting and why.

3. Media Pitching – The most common missed opportunity is to not pitch storylines to the media about red carpet events and gifting suites particularly after the awards. Make sure to create newsworthy storylines about products and services after the Oscars.

4. Digital Campaigns – Create innovative online campaigns centered around exposure and publicity received from the Oscars. Make sure to engage and not try to sell audiences about publicity received from the Oscars.

5. Lifestyle Branding – Associate luxury brand awareness with celebrity red carpet events and gifting suites. Build credibility and influence around expertise about the Oscars and award shows.

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