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By now everyone on the planet knows that Beyoncé is launching Ivy Park on April 14. 2016 and the celebrity support is going to be fanfare insane….anticipate Ivy Park breaking the Internet with clothes on! Not just the Internet Ivy Park could possibly break the “Phablet” smartphone, that’s how huge this launch is going to be.

Why is Ivy Park so major other than the fact of course being backed by the influential Queen Bey herself?

Hack How Beyoncé

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In its own right Ivy Park is anticipated to be a stand alone brand that will change the world of activewear as we know it. The target audience appears to be women who would love to well “look like Beyoncé” and even feel like they can now workout like Bey too.

Actually, Beyoncé did something really incredible that every emerging luxury lifestyle brand should hack. She expressed being unenthused with current marketplace options and created her own line as a result that would add value and provide a solution. Where Ivy Park will standout in the crowd among other activewear brands is that the clothes will seek to flatter a range of different body types. It’s never been done before and considering the research on the average body shapes and sizes this marketplace is well underserved.

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What is also significant is that Ivy Park represent the origin of a true luxury brand, telling a story about the brand’s heritage for creation that can connect with a desired target audience first. Even if you are Beyoncé without this element brand management couldn’t penetrate into the marketplace.

The message and purpose is very clear that Ivy Park addresses a missing need in the marketplace. Plus who in their right mind “wouldn’t” want to dress like Beyoncé at that gym?? Ivy Park could be the Apple of activewear with a purpose that changes the outlook on global physical beauty. A very bold invention at a time when diversity creative is so necessary.

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Ivy Park is more than just activewear, wearing these clothes gives a sense of esteemed accomplishment and inspirational pride. Which she promotes well with her video launch that inspires for even next generations to believe and achieve. Think future Blue Ivy kids of the world. Any new launching emerging luxury brand should also include telling a story for their brand’s identity to define the purpose in the marketplace. 

The Ivy Park collection will consist of 200 pieces that will also include sports bras, tops, over-the-knee varsity socks, sweats and leggings, and all meant to flatter a wide range of various body types.

Where To Buy Ivy Park

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Consumers will be able to purchase Ivy Park from these following distinguished retailers which include Nordstrom, Selfridges, Sir Philip’s Topshop and Net-A-Porter.

Price tag for the collection will be affordable luxury ranging from $30 to $200. This brand is something very special and Ivy Park will top every Mother’s Day wish and gift list.

With Ivy Park she didn’t just slap her name on the brand. Beyoncé took on creative control and was able to also provide a personal consumer experience for the product. When launching emerging products in the marketplace it is now vital to have influential value and expertise in creative control to understand best practices to engage target audiences for providing alternative solutions in the marketplace.

It did take 18 months to develop Ivy Park despite how easy reality television makes launching product lines look so simple.

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