As part of doing business in the wonderful city of Amsterdam, Haussmann strongly believes in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the local community. Haussmann will provide employment, source from local food suppliers and offer the opportunity and space for all kinds of artistic and cultural events (e.g. young and promising Dutch designers or artisans showcasing their latest work or craftsmanship).

Last year a group of Dutch entrepreneurs and financial investors agreed to join forces to set up a brand new boutique department store in Amsterdam under the name ‘Haussmann’, to be opened in the second half of 2016.

Haussmann First Boutique Department Store

Haussmann - First high-end boutique department store in Amsterdam
Haussmann – First high-end boutique department store in Amsterdam

This ambitious initiative is based on the strong believe that both from a Dutch and international perspective there is significant under served demand for a truly high-end retail service offering. Amsterdam has become an attractive city for the young and successful cosmopolitan citizen and is an increasingly popular destination for international overnight visitors, being the fastest growing destination after London.

To deliver on its promises and achieve its ambitions, Haussmann has selected a unique landmark location (7,000 square meters retail space) in the historic centre of Amsterdam, right in the middle of the prestigious Rokin District, at the entrance/exit to the subway Noord-Zuidlijn (which opens in 2017) and next to Marks & Spencer’s future flagship store at Rokin.

On the spot that used to be the beating heart of the Golden Age (1588 – 1702 A.D.) Haussmann has found the perfect location to combine the benefits and convenience of a brand-new building with the charm and ambience of the historic former “Vleeshal” in the Sint Pieterhalsteeg.

At this site, Haussmann will provide both its local and international customers a safe, easily accessible and comfortable environment to experience the uniqueness, quality and taste that Haussmann stands for. Van der Kraan: ‘A trip to or day spent in Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to Haussmann‘.

In addition to enjoying Haussmann’s luxurious fashion and leisure departments, customers are invited to visit Haussmann’s fresh food market, enjoy its fine dining restaurant on the top floor offering panoramic views of Amsterdam or relax in its beauty & beyond centre.

Haussmann will present a unique and diverse combination of high quality products and services with an inspiring story. Haussmann’s entire product and service offering will be carefully designed to adhere to the highest quality and exclusivity standards, with eye for detail and the right mix of iconic and new brands. Ultimate objective is to make every visit to Haussmann a true and memorable shopping experience. Haussmann will capitalise on the latest technologies available in retail to provide its customers a seamless shopping experience both on- and offline.

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