Here is our list of the official breakout stars in the 2008 Presidential Election. These are people, events, topics, etc that became major news captions and breakout stars as a result of this election.

1. Sen. Barack Obama

The number one pick for the Hottest Top Ten Breakout Stars in 2008 Presidential Election has to go to without question, Sen. Barack Obama! He did the in possible!

2. The View

A close running for taking the number one spot! The View mixed politics with comedy touching on real issues and became a big hit. My personal favorite…
3. Gov. Sarah Palin

Like her or not, Sarah Palin became a breakout star when Sen. John McCain not only shocked but rocked the world when he made Palin his VP pick for the 2008 Election.
4. Blogging

People turned to blogs as media sources during the 2008 Presidential elections. Blogs became the go to sources and so many bloggers are now breakout stars as a result of covering this election.
5. Obama Girl – Amber Lee Ettinger

We all LOVE the Obama Girl who found true stardom in this election. The world knows The Obama Girl our biggest unknown breakout star!
6. Paris Hilton and Pal Britney Spears Named Top Celebrities

Who will ever, ever forget Paris for President!

7. Ties Hockey Moms, Pigs with Lipstick LOL!

8. Rev. Jesse Jackson and Obama Nuts

9. Michelle Obama

Potential to be the first African American First Lady in the U.S. Won the hearts of American voters and became a breakout star.

10. Sen. John McCain

Age remains nothing but a number! McCain became a self proclaimed Maverick and then he became a breakout star!

Runner Ups:
1. Hillary Clinton – Always a political favorite but not a real breakout star for the 2008 election.
2. Angelina Jolie – The endorsement that everybody so wanted!

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