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My name is Kimberly E. Stone the owner of POSHGLAM.com and affiliated sites (dot net, org, etc.). TOP Atlanta Luxury is one of my favorite blogs and I was invited to Guest Blog from time to time, so I decided to introduce myself : I am 25 year old model, actress and magazine owner (POSHGLAM Coming Soon). I believe luxury items help to enhance the fabulous lives we live, and help to make it more healthy, happy and prosperous. When I first started POSHGLAM.com, my intentions were to make it an emerging luxury portal. As things progressed I decided to go into branding for emerging fashion and beauty designers first to pay my dues. POSHGLAM.com has be a blessing, I have met so many wonderful people and discovered so many talented designers…. I would like you to take a look at one of my clients, Shana Luther who designs bags in her studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York, she makes handmade bags and loves to design for individuals. Shana is a classically trained designer that has recently embarked upon her dream of designing bags after attending PRATT INSTITUTE…..

Brooklyn, New York—August 25, 2008, Tired of your handbag blending in with
the surging sea of totes, clutches and hobos? Hmm, So was Brooklyn designer
Shana Luther. After spying a vintage 1950’s-style curtain at a thrift store,
Luther fashioned the drapery into a one-of-a-kind clutch with nostalgic ties to
yesteryear. And the rest is history…

So I guess that’s it for now, Top Atlanta Luxury, thanks for checking out my links and friend Shana Luther…..I have plenty to share so until next time!

“Kimberly Erica Stone — After attending NYU and studying Advertising and PR Management, and professionally trained by an accomplished instructor from the Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC,the CEO and creator of POSHGLAM, has embarked on her latest project: an online media outlet for existing and emerging brands. Her experiences while styling for boutiques, designing clothes and running other businesses, encouraged Stone to incorporate others into her business model.

Possessing a knack for style, and a love for glamour, Kimberly appreciates, and is able to differentiate a quality product from a lackluster brand. By spending her waking hours “people watching” and style scouting, she began to recognize that she was able to help market designers via the World Wide Web, Stone is constantly forecasting what is going to grace the runway next, and sustain longevity in the market. During her down time she dreams up new advancements for the budding POSHGLAM media outlet.

Very results driven, Kimberly spends countless hours researching industry practices & norms, and perusing fashion magazines and periodicals. These tasks enable her to remain abreast of current trends and technologies, aid in determining what the average consumer will pick-up on next and influence her vision for what POSHGLAM will become. In conjunction with her drive, and fashion-related business savvy, a belief that in its true essence, fashion is a visual art, and that the driving inspiration for it is the world around us, work together to keep Stone gracious, open-minded, and imaginative. “


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