LuChas Luxury app is disrupting the luxury industry and luxury brands are vastly taking notice. What if you could know before hand the most influential and relevant luxury media first? That’s just what LuChas Luxury app algorithm solves by curating luxury media among seven categories. Offering channels for LuChas Luxury, LuChas Luxury Cars, LuChas Luxury Watches, LuChas Luxury Brands, LuChas Luxury Hotels, LuChas Designer Clothes and LuChas Luxury Real Estate all available exclusively inside the complimentary free of charge application.

 LuChas Luxury App

LuChas Luxury by Mosnar Communications Mosnar Communications

CR Cataunya Ransom, took time out to explain how the app works and how she assisted Uply Media, Inc’s development team to bring this vision to reality.

CR Cataunya Ransom MosnarCommunications

Why is LuChas Luxury app significant now?

CR: This app is entering the luxury  marketplace at the single most important time in history because mobile growth is not slowing down. Luxury consumers want information fast and while on the go in digital format.

How did you come up with the idea for Uply Media, Inc to create LuChas Luxury app?

CR: As a co-founder of MC Mosnar Communications over the last ten years I got to learn a lot about the luxury PR media space and how luxury brands communicate their promotional strategies. Social media still does not actively convert to revenue earnings the way that most luxury focused businesses would like even when spending on social media advertising. The problem for the luxury industry is the lack of true relevant luxury media to engage effectively and connect with luxury consumers prompting them to impulse buy. This was something the game apps nailed and I knew if relevant luxury media could be served up like this luxury brands would increase not only revenue earnings but brand awareness as well …. Combining a combo of luxury and channels for niches that matter to luxury consumers to organize LuChas Luxury app!

Is LuChas Luxury app simply curating content from a list of top luxury blogs and websites?

CR: No, we actually attempted something similar that was unsuccessful two years prior. While each luxury media outlet is indicative for their niche, however when it comes to influence it’s the ability to create the influential buzz which is considered most relevant luxury media. LuChas Luxury app uses a algorithm search to source what’s most influential and relevant among our niche channels of luxury media.


LuChas Luxury Lifestyle Media App Mosnar Communications

Will LuChas Luxury app work with luxury brands for advertising and promotions?

CR: Yes we will include development projects for sponsored content engagement inside the app including text messaging promotions. As well as we are already using ad networks similar to what game apps use for monetization. The variance for our user base is that they are not typically annoyed by ads when they are niche specific related to luxury channels.

Which mobile marketplaces have you witnessed the most growth for LuChas Luxury app?

CR: Apple’s App Store is stronger for attracting luxury focused consumers and where we have received much greater downloads. We are extremely excited to also be in the Google Play Store and actively working to create luxury media engagement. Both mobile marketplaces present great opportunities and we may also be interested in expanding to other marketplaces such as Amazon and Windows down the line.

LuChas Luxury Brands Mosnar Communications

If you would like to download LuChas Luxury app please visit:

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