Is it me or the people on LinkedIn too corporate? On LinkedIn you must remain so politically correct at all times. Not a good environment for an addicted social media blabbermouth like me. All the while the CMOs and Directors of Marketing for large brands object to SEO strategies. Not to mention promoting Twitter on Linkedln is not wise. As most of them don’t get it or even see the value, Sad but true.

Actually, many of the persons in charge of PR and Marketing for large corporations promoting/ networking on LinkedIn don’t like the power of social media. My thoughts were to enter the environment and talk about social media success I have had. What a mistake that was!

I got accused of writing headlines to attract SEO attention? LOL! Do these people even understand social media and the purpose? I may have joined the wrong networks on Linkedln, I am looking to contact with COOL LinkedIn Groups focused on PR and marketing, would love to join groups focused on Luxury PR and marketing too. Thanks!

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