Most brands are missing the concept of branding for sustainability. One brand has figured out the concept of branding to a science. I guess it was easy to do giving the fact that the brand’s concept evolved around a very popular controversial 20 year old from the Bronx making billions of dollars a year.

The brand? Sean John Clothing! The Concept? Hip Hop!

Adding the combo together turned Sean Diddy Combs into a mogul as well as one of the most recognized and marketable brands in the world. When it comes to Hip Hop clothing Combs is the leader, Sean John clothing is ranked as the #1 Hip Hop clothing Brand of 2008, for both men and women by Sojones.

Combs turned Hip Hop clothing into a lifestyle luxury. He has taken Hip Hop fashion from the streets of New York to high fashion of Europe plus many different cultures worldwide. Creating lifestyle luxury related to Hip Hop that has made the brand a phenomenal.

This has opened the door for Hip Hop Media marketing opportunities that will allow Hip Hop clothing lines to connect with target audiences.

Hats off to Sean John!

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