The excitement for merchandise with Obama has become a big craze. High traffic websites are raking in the profits from selling Obama gear.

Studio Petra Azar presents a Jewelry Collection that is a tribute to President Elect Barack Obama.
Petra Azar, the owner of Studio Petra Azar created the “United Heart” a symbol that she feels represents a moment in history that unity and diversity changed America.
According to Azar, while the United Hearts demonstrate symbols of love and friendship they also represent a message of unity. A vision she reveals that continues the support of President Elect Obama’s message for change and unity. “I truly believe that The United Heart of Obama is an International symbol of global peace, love, and unity,” stated Petra Azar.

Endorsement support for the Obama campaign was the largest ever in American history for a Presidential candidate. Leading a network support, which included an e-mail list with 10 million names and cell phone numbers, had 3 million donors and 1.5 million active volunteers.

The United Heart is a combination of ancient symbolism and modern technology. Azar’s designs are diverse, yet have one unique feature in common, the use of magnetic forces that join two interdependent sides of an object together to become one. Designs are available featuring pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets in sterling silver, gold, diamonds or platinum. Custom made, one-of a-kind pieces and numbered limited editions are being offered.

Azar relates that the United Heart collection is available in flexible price segments ranging from affordable luxury to custom luxury. She stresses that it was very important to her that The United Heart of Obama would be a symbol of unity that everyone could afford.

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