Beauty influencer by definition is an individual who creates sponsored content promoting a “beauty brand’s products or services” on social media platforms.

Pins on Pinterest are the new beauty evolution, where people are discovering beautiful images as “makeup tutorials” for how to do all the latest beauty trends or finding the best beauty products that solve problems.

“Pinterest is not a social media platform because it’s really a super search engine!”

Where instead of searching online for hours, Pinterest offers its audience dedicated boards of content returning resourceful Pins to the related and specific subject matter.

Developing a search engine platform similar to superpowers, by returning images connected to content resources best matched to what an individual is searching for or seeking to learn more about.”

Why Pinterest For Beauty Influencers?


It’s literally an untapped and undiscovered frontier, the platform is not overcrowded or saturated with beauty influencers or active beauty brands. Despite what you may have heard or thought you understand.

Over 80% of all pins on Pinterest are actually not new and are considered Re-Pins of previous Pins already submitted. Only 20% of content produced on Pinterest is actually fresh and new, as a beauty influencer, you can take serious advantage of this opportunity!

“In comparison to Instagram, it is much easier on Pinterest to generate monthly page views quickly even without advertising, that will attract beauty brands willing to work with you.”

This article is going to give you a step-by-step guide for how to become a beauty influencer on Pinterest and grow your monthly page views to attract beauty brands lining up to partner with you over and over again.

(This article contains highly selected affiliate links where we receive financial compensation, thank you for trusting in us.)

As a bonus, there is even a solution for how-to monetize your Pinterest account, without having a direct beauty brand relationship!

“The is all achievable in less than 30 days!”

No misprint, no catch, and no strings attached, this is truly the real deal taken from my experiences working with my team for developing and growing numerous Pinterest accounts capturing tens of thousands and millions of monthly page views. So please pass it on and spread the word.


You likely thinking, why would you want to tell other beauty influencers about Pinterest, especially if it can work for you?? “You keeping this valuable information all-to-yourself!”

Earlier I did mention that Pinterest is a super search engine, correct?

The more related content produced on a “specific subject matter” can help to strengthen your credibility and influential value among content produced and submitted. Building up the brand awareness of your beauty influencer credibility!

I also stressed that only 20% of content produced on Pinterest is actually fresh and new, this means the more beauty influencers producing new content will expand engagement as the best search engine source online. “Don’t believe me? Try searching Pinterest for any beauty problem or makeup tutorial for how-to perform a beauty task?”


Likely you will see an “enormous amount of Pins” on every single subject matter you searched!

This is because Pinterest stats are insane, there are over 75 billion ideas on Pinterest and over 200 billion Pins exist on the platform. On average the number of monthly searches on Pinterest is 2 billion!!

1 of 2 Millennials uses Pinterest every single month and 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest!

“Shifting beauty brands to seek out more beauty influencers on Pinterest to form partnerships with and create content on the platform.”

So essentially, unlike Instagram on Pinterest as a beauty influencer, you can capture content engagement market share, even as a beginner starting from scratch and really fast if you Pin organic consistently.

So where should you start??

“Especially, if you starting from scratch!”

Every time I hear this I’m always stunned to learn, about how many beauty influencers who don’t have their “own self-hosted website” platform!

To be a successful beauty influencer and on Pinterest, “yes!” you need to have your own self-hosted website to establish a Business Account profile and attract beauty brands lining up to work with you.

Step 1

Determine What Your Beauty Influencer Pinterest Strategy Will Be (Before You Signup For A Business Account)


First off, approach your beauty influencer profile on Pinterest like a real business opportunity and new partnership as a relationship.

Create your own mission statement and establish what your purpose will be and identify who your Pins will be designed for and what specific target audience you would like to inspire and engage during the process. Decide how you would like to create Pins that will answer beauty related questions you intend to address.

Step 2

Decide On The Profile Purpose To Represent Your Beauty Influencer Brand

This will be one of the single most important decisions you make when setting up your Pinterest profile.

You must select a Pinterest name and URL that represents your beauty influencer brand identity for your business account.

In Step 3 you will be able to select your URL to name for your website. You want to make sure the “domain name” you select for your website is also available. Complete Step 3 first to make sure the domain name is also available.

For your Pinterest profile use a facial image and not a logo, even for business accounts especially if you are seeking to gain influence on the platform as a beauty influencer.

On Pinterest facial images preform better over logos, even for brands. It’s also very important to include top keywords in your bio section and provide a short detail overview of what your channel will cover on your Pinterest for the desired audience you plan to target. The best practice is to include hashtags as keywords in the bio section also.

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Step 3

Bluehost is our preferred partner for creating a WordPress self-hosted website in minutes.

“Enjoy hassle-free WordPress installation on all accounts.”

Receive the following:

FREE Domain Name for 1st Year,
FREE SSL Certificate Included,
1-Click WordPress Install,
24/7 Support,

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Step 4

How-To Start Creating Your Beauty Influencer Pins On Pinterest?

Congratulations, this means you have completed all Steps 1-3 and ready to start building income using Pinterest, it’s official you have arrived!

The biggest rule of Pinterest is “No-Spam” and new accounts often find themselves suspended and even permanently banned from using the platform. “You don’t want this to ever happen!”

Remember the golden rule of Pinterest is 80/20 and this is how you want to approach submitting your Pin images on Pinterest also. 

“The biggest tip is to never Pin all your own stuff!”

That’s right Pinterest is a super search engine and you can’t grow your channel on the Platform if you only Pin your own images!

“If that’s what you were doing, this is why it didn’t work and you weren’t able to grow your channel.”’

Best Tip, never submit more than 2 Pins a day from your own website or content. Along with only up to 8 Pins from other sources. Remember, following the 80/20 rules work best.

Starting out, be active on Pinterest daily. Don’t post more than 10 Pins a day including 2 Pins for your own stuff for the first 10 days.

Helpful Tip: Never ever post more than 30 Pins a day, even if you post only 2 Pins for your own stuff. Anything over 30 Pins a day can send a spam alert to Pinterest and get your account suspended.

It’s not necessary to be on Pinterest every hour of the day. In the old days, Pinterest was one of the few platforms that were organic and allowed your content to reach 100 percent of your total audiences.

Today things have changed, Pinterest now uses a “smart feed” system computer algorithm that now chooses Pins to show your audience.

So it’s safe to visit the site daily and post no more than 10 Pins a day, including 2 Pins from your own stuff or promotions.

Create a collection of 10 boards that are related to your Beauty Influencer brand.

Boards are where you save your Pins. You can create new boards from your profile or as you save a Pin. Here is how to create boards on Pinterest.

Step 5


If you established setting up Steps 1-4, “I” did promise you a special bonus!

Pinterest is designed to work perfectly with affiliate marketing. Many bloggers and various influencers use the platform to generate income from affiliate marketing.

Beauty influencers will also need to follow FTC guidelines by disclosing the links are also #Affiliate or #Ad sponsored to stay in compliance.

MagicLinks is the best network where beauty influencers often generate six figures and above!

What is affiliate marketing??

How it works is “a marketing arrangement” by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

See why I told you, to be successful as a beauty influencer you really do need your own self-hosted website to generate income online.

MagicLinks is looking to work with beauty influencers just like you!

The top earnings are beauty influencers who create and share subject matter expertise for at least 30 links per week with followers and logging in to their accounts daily to monitor this data. “That only requires creating 6 links a day through the weekdays to post and share with fans!”

Simply create content on your self-hosted website and start promoting to make easy fast money.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, with less than 20,000 followers or more it’s extremely hard to get accepted into networks. Even once accepted into many of these networks you will still also need to apply directly to their partners for individual acceptance approval.

This is where MagicLinks is vastly different and provides a solution to say the day. See once approved by their “beauty influencers can apply to all top beauty retailers without being rejected.

They already have established relationships with more than 3,500 retailers and a product catalog of more than 500 million products from which to share and earn from subject matter expertise. “All you will need to do is create content, that’s it!”

“MagicLinks serves as a middle agent and your representative for you by telling their more than 3,500 retailers, offering a product catalog of more than 500 million products that “you are influential” despite if you don’t have over 5000 followers on Instagram or at least the 100,000 followers top beauty brands often require among social media platforms to even represent their beauty brand.”

Upon acceptance, you will be able to start promoting affiliate marketing products to earn commissions from top sites like Beautylish, ULTA Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, GLOSSYBOX, Sephora, Stila Cosmetics, Glossier, Physicians Formula, Tatcha, and so many more!

Allowing you to promote a wide variety of top beauty brands instantly!

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t any catch, they are willing to take a chance on you and in exchange, you pay them a percentage of your earnings at the end of your monthly payout that comes on the 15th of every month once you earn $50 per payout.

Which really a good deal, because without their help you wouldn’t be able to get accepted into many of their retailer’s affiliate marketing program without having a minimum of 20,000 and 100,000 followers required for major beauty brands.

For every $10 you earn, they get $3 and you keep $7 as profit!

This way you only have to focus on running your beauty influencer business and leave the affiliate marketing partnership to them, they got you covered.

To improve chances of getting accepted faster, while this isn’t a requirement still it helps if you have at least 1,000 followers on at least one of your social media channels. Such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, if you still also close to 1000 followers on at least one of your social media channels, please go ahead and give it try!

MagicLinks is looking for beauty influencers with the following skills:

•       A genuine passion for your craft
•       Commitment to your followers and a unique ability to carry a message
•       Compelling content that promotes brand collaboration and discovery
•       Frequent activity and an engaged following on all social channels

P.S. I am recommending you for MagicLinks! Hurry to enroll now, there is no charge to apply and once approved influencers can start selling affiliate marketing products and earn top commissions with no setup or signup costs involved.

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Good luck!  

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