If you sell a product or service; market a brand or cause, you need to toot your horn! Press releases are the easiest and most cost effective solution to increase brand awareness. Most importantly press releases can create tons of link baits back to your website or blog!

Let’s face it, the world of online marketing is getting more and more competitive everyday, plus it takes a lot to stand out in the crowd. The art of communications and using press releases will help you to stand out in the crowd, generate more link baits back to your Internet website or blog and increase brand awareness. However, you will be implementing a strategic plan and approach by using press releases as a method of communications to generate link baits.

Why do you really need link baits?

Link baits are backlinks that connect to your website or blog from buzz created that attracts interest. Mainly you will find popular link baits in forums, blogs, social media sites (Stumbleupon, Digg, Furl, Del.icio.us, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc).

You want and need link baits because these backlinks can create tons of traffic back to your website or blog, This is organic promotions because individuals who post backlinks to your website or blog are specifically interested in your buzz subjects.

Press releases are a form of public relations and a method of communications. PR also known as public relations is a strategic plan and approach for communicating with your target audience. Media resources are used to deliver messages to target audiences. One important factor is to make sure that you pitch your press releases to the right media resources.

Example: If you are promoting a fashion blog you would want to find fashion related media resources to pitch your press release to.

How to Get Mega Buzz for Link Baiting Using Press Releases:

1. Do you know valuable information? A product or service expansion, breakthrough, special report, how-to, etc. Releasing this information in a press release can encourage tons of link baits!

2. Have you formed a new partnership or alliance, conducted an expert interview? This is informative information for your industry; a press release will prompt link baits to spread the news.

3. Do you have an exciting article or blog post? Expand the buzz by releasing this news about this information in a press release. Link baits will pickup the subject and continue to raise awareness.

4. Can you expand on a top news story? Do you have informative information related to a hot news topic and can supply more data, research, facts, discovery, etc. A press release will continue the buzz and link baits will cover your enhancement to this hot news topic.

5. Are you an expert? Promote your expertise in a press release, provide expert advice and tips. This will encourage link baits to promote your expert advice.

So get going!

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