Congrats to Serena Williams for her win on Sunday night to take the title of the U.S. Open championship and a ninth Grand Slam title. This time Serena even got excited!

She flung her racket high into the sky, hollering and hopping in a celebration that even she thought might’ve been over the top.

“I’m sorry I got so excited,” she told Jankovic when they met at the net.

Serena is ranked No. 1 in the world, again. Which is the first time since August 2003; this is the longest gap at the top for a woman. Serena came into the championship ranked No. 139.

Williams’ father, Richard, jumped to his feet after the final point. He didn’t seem to expect his daughter to do the same.

“I never knew Serena to be very, very excited. I knew Serena to be very, very mean,” he said after it was over. “I describe her as being a combination of a pit bull dog, a young Mike Tyson and an alligator.”

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