For some reason everybody seems to think that just by sending samples of their products to Harpo Studios it will land them an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. This way of thinking is so far from the truth and what really happens.

I received a distressed phone call from the United Kingdom and a fashion designer on the other end in tears. Apparently the fashion designer thought that she would write Oprah a letter and send her best designs estimated at over $40,000 in merchandise. Also she even had designs for Oprah to pass on to First Lady Michelle Obama! In her mind, Oprah would receive the merchandise and invite her to be a guest on the show.

In the real world you have to help Oprah Winfrey’s producers find you! In order to have your products featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show you must spark publicity buzz and interest. It does not have to be global publicity, Oprah Winfrey’s producers are always hunting for local news stories nationwide.

I was able to jump in and assist the fashion designer from the U.K. by helping her recover the merchandise she sent to Oprah. Let me also add that Oprah even footed the bill to return the merchandise! However, don’t expect Oprah to return merchandise back to you at her own expense.

A good idea would be to retain a luxury PR firm to help represent your products to develop a publicity strategy to land guest appearances on major shows!

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