Twitter is the universe for spreading any message period. The reach capacity of Twitter is the strongest resource from a degree perspective. So having someone spread a message about a luxury brand could really prove to be of benefit if it is done right.

Sponsored tweets about subjects and topics are the hottest new marketing craze. So how do you measure if a sponsorship tweet will benefit your luxury brand? It takes more than sight measuring a Twitter profile. Just because someone has tons and tons of followers does not automatically make them a good resource for you to sponsor a tweet about your luxury brand.

To understand how to find the best twitter profiles to sponsor a tweet about your luxury brand, you also need to understand how to use social media PR. These are top secrets that master marketers will never tell. Here you go!

Sponsor Tweet Reach

What degree does the person the will allow you to sponsor a tweet hold. Who is following who is following them? This will expand the reach of your sponsored tweets.

A Twitter profile with 2000 followers and a reach of 10 million is a good target. The second order followers expand the reach of a Twitter profile. Example: Who follows who is following, get it?

A free tool that I love is Twinfluence the best place to measure how effective a sponsor tweet reach will benefit your luxury brand. It allows you to review the degree reach and capacity of a Twitter profile to measure the possibility outcome for sponsoring a tweet for your luxury brand.

Tweet Cloud Focus

When sponsoring a tweet you want to make sure that the person is an expert related to your luxury brand subject matter. Do they tweet often about luxury? Are their luxury tweets inline with the luxury products, goods, or services you offer? This is how you will measure how beneficial sponsoring a tweet for your luxury brand will be.

I like to review those who tweet about luxury among ever Twitter profile in the world. Another free tool is an excellent solution to measure who is tweeting about what topics the most and how good they are. The fact that you are able to measure the grade of the twitter profile as related to search words is a plus.

When you sponsor a tweet you want the recommendation of the person tweeting to be respected and credible to their audience. Those who focus on niche subjects within social media cultural will lead the way.

The ultimate goal for seeking sponsorship tweets should be to increase awareness, drive traffic, and credibility to encourage sales. Sponsorship tweets is now a media outlet!

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