The one thing that every luxury brand will tell you today is that they should be using social media. Even those luxury brands still not using social media think they should be. However, if you ask WHY most would not be able to explain why to the benefit that would help their luxury brand. I guess we are living in the times of every luxury brand is doing it. Good thing social media is NOT a drug. The truth is the average luxury brand does not really know why they should be using social media or how they should be using social media.

Many luxury brands think all they need are Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube accounts. There you have it the social media problem all solved! Many never ever return to manage the accounts. Yet they post links to follow them on Tweeter and Facebook. That’s the hottest trend, add a follow me button for Twitter and Facebook to your website.

As a luxury PR publicist and someone who is vested in providing solutions to make luxury brands sustainable. I have started to notice common patterns that have prevented luxury brands from being able to thrive in social media environments. Which I believe the failure to thrive in social media environments will deeply impact luxury brands in the future with or without a recession.

The luxury brands who do master how to thrive within social media environments will build strong equity and emerge as leaders. The future is coming.

Top Five Reasons Most Luxury Brands Fail In Social Media Environments:

1. Not Seeking Help

I guess the fact that you can open up a Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc so fast and easy it appears that the process is completed. The niche focus of luxury makes it vulnerable in a social media environment so it is necessary to develop a strategic plan and approach to engage building relationships. In other words luxury brands need help from experts who understand how to promote luxury products, goods and services in social media environments.

2. Don’t Look Hip!

The appearance of a Twitter page or Facebook pictures says so much about a luxury brand’s image online. Typically, luxury brands are representing their social media presence with simple looking web pages. Luxury is a perception and how a luxury brand looks is a reflection of the luxury lifestyle promoted. Dressing up a Twitter page is an opportunity to engage target audiences, don’t miss out.

3. Extremely Annoying

Would you hold a recommendation credible from someone you don’t know? Before luxury consumers can trust a luxury brand in a social media environment the luxury brand has to give something back. There is a misconception that luxury brands will not be able to find luxury consumers in social media environments. Luxury brands need to become an expert about what they promote, this helps to attract and engage desired target audiences in social media. Giving advice and tips builds credibility in social media.

4. Too Exclusive

The biggest problem with luxury brands in social media is that they are just too damn exclusive. They hold the belief that being exclusive in social media environments will attract a certain kind of luxury consumer. When it comes to social media luxury brands are acting like celebrities! Every luxury brand will need to start engaging luxury audiences in social media. Forget being exclusive and become more selective about who to follow and friend.

5. Wrong Audiences

This is the biggest problem for most luxury brands when it comes to social media because they don’t know how to target and attract the right audiences. There is great value in getting a follower on Twitter that has over 2000 followers following them that all Tweet about luxury related topics. If a luxury brand message reach is to the wrong audience there is no benefit.

I offer consulting for luxury brands that need help with social media. If you need some advice on how to improve results for your luxury brand using social media please send me an email in confidence to

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