In Beverly Hills, California selling a luxury home requires more than simple marketing. Today’s luxury real estate professionals have to also invest before cashing in on a million dollar commission check. Stacy Gottula and Joyce Rey partners at Coldwell Banker Previews International, Estates Division represent the most expensive home listing in the nation — the opulent, 25-acre, $195-million Palazzo di Amore in Beverly Hills. Forbes’ annual list reveals the number of billionaires worldwide is at a record high of 1,826 total, with 290 newcomers. This surge in billionaires have prompted a high competition among agents reflects the rapid and global rise of extreme wealth.

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Is fantasy the best way to move high end luxury homes these days? Envision a husband takes off for a business trip in his Corvette, leaving his wife to invite friends to hang out in their wine room, gym, massage space, movie theater and infinity-edge pool overlooking the city.

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Real estate agents Rayni and Branden Williams shelled out $40,000 to commission this “lifestyle film” showcasing a $33-million West Hollywood home they are selling.


Rayni and Branden Williams do whatever they can to make their properties as desirable as possible, including spending about $300,000 as the listing agents for a glossy eight-bedroom, 15-bath estate on Beverly Hill’s posh Hillcrest Drive. The home — which looks like a good place for Tony Stark to house his Iron Man lab — includes a candy room, Roberto Cavalli place settings and multiple $5,600 toilets.

The Williamses advertised in luxury publications such as Yacht Magazine. Each month, $50,000 went toward billboards on Sunset Boulevard with the slogan “Dream Big, Live Bigger.” Interested and qualified buyers received leather satchels that doubled as airplane carry-ons, which were stuffed with crocodile-bound books describing the house as well as boxes of fine Beverly Hills chocolates and bottles of Cristal.

Minecraft founder Markus Persson is the ultimate bachelor—35 years old, a billionaire, and newly single. And now he’s got the ultimate bachelor pad to live out his dream. Persson snatched up a 23,000-square-foot glass palace perched atop the posh Hillcrest Drive in Beverly Hills, California, for $70 million.

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