OKAY, many STILL don’t GET Twitter! Yet the Twitter concept is absolutely ingenious and is the best branding tool in the world. However, there are businesses who don’t understand how to use Twitter followers to help grow and brand their businesses.

So we launched PitchTwitter.com, not to confuse ANYONE PitchTwitter.com is not affiliated with the brand Twitter.com and is a separate entity from Twitter.com. The purpose of PitchTwitter.com is to solve the problem of how to use Twitter as a branding tool. Those successful at using Twitter as a branding tool know ALL the Twitter tricks.

You see it is true Twitter is candy for nerds and PitchTwitter.com simplifies what resources to implement to make Twitter.com work as a branding engine. There are tips and tricks that can actually grow Twitter.com followers to thousands in less than 90 days. How about learning how to join affiliate programs associated with Twitter to make money? Well, PitchTwitter.com has researched and found the best of the best.

Check it out, PitchTwitter.com What the geeks would NEVER tell you:-)

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