This is WHY Louis Vuitton remains the leader of the pack when it comes to defining luxury. Never a miss and always a hit Louis Vuitton has done it yet again. However, this is the most daring move I have ever seen Louis Vuitton take and certainly a step in the right direction which we should ALL pray and hope more luxury brands will follow.
On Friday (May 15th) Louis Vuitton moved luxury forward. The luxury brand introduced the Totally Monogram tote, exclusively available on until June 1st. Do I need to repeat that statement? Exclusively available on until June 1st!
Keeping up with what is HOT and IN Louis Vuitton also launched their social media platform on!
We don’t have to worry about Louis Vuitton sustaining the economic downtime. They know how to capture their audience and create a demand.
Hats off!
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